Press-conference – 10th anniversary of Comfy Angel

A press conference was held today in the halls of “Comfy Angel” in order to introduce the public with the following events on the occasion “Marking 10 years of existence of the company”.

Namely, the company is formed on 1st August 2004.

The managing team of the company together with the representatives of the Worker’s committee, decided to mark the celebration of the 10-years jubilee with 4 events.

All 4 humanitarian events will be organized with the partnership with the institutions we have had successful cooperation in the past 10 years.

The first event is in cooperation with the Red Cross – Macedonia, consisted with supplying contacts (on their part) from the kindergartens and children departments throughout the entire country, where “Comfy Angel” will donate children-size duvets.

The second event is in cooperation with the City Library “Borka Taleski” Prilep, who’s representatives, side by side the representatives of “Comfy Angel” will donate books and will spend an entire day in the Retirement Center “Kiro Krsteski Platnik” – Prilep.

Now the third event is in cooperation with the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Macedonia, which is focused on the children with disabilities. They will socialize with the employees of “Comfy Angel” and with the representatives of the UK Embassy.

The fourth and the most important event is in partnership with the local authorities and the mayor of Prilep. Namely, every employee of “Comfy Angel”  will participate in this event. 900, to be exact. They will be creating button, candies or salty sticks, which, neatly packed, will be sold on the City Square “Metodija Andonov – Chento”. The money that will be collected, will be donated to the most necessary parts in the city, consulted with the local authorities of the city of Prilep.

This way, every employee of “Comfy Angel” will evident what it means to be socially responsible individual, helping each other, doing good deeds.

The last event of the series of events for the 10 years jubilee is the formal opening of the new production floor and 4 new lines for creating pillows, duvets and mattress toppers.