Our Quilts arrive at the Syrian Refugee camp in Kurdistan

Almost 60,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) since August 15 and the re-opening of the border with Syria. In order to provide the humanitarian assistance and manage the increasing number of new Syrian arrivals in the Kurdish region, the KRG and UNHCR officially decided to open a number of new refugee camps.

The number of Syrian refugees in KRI Iraq has reached the 200,000 figure and UNHCR expects that the number may exceed 500,000 by the end of the year. Aid agencies and local authorities will soon be overwhelmed and resources stretched without additional funding and support. Additional camps, designed to host imminent large refugee populations, are therefore currently under development.



“Dearest friends at Comfy-Angel

I am writing to thank you all profusely for the amazing donation of quilts, which arrived this week in Kurdistan – and I attach some photos for you to see.

Your generous and practical help will help thousands to survive the imminent  bitter winter under canvas, which these innocent victims will endure. 6,000 children died last year during winter 2014.  As you can see from the pictures, the rain has set in and the children have no shoes.

This is a huge act of human kindness when a company helps to this degree. It inspires us (the team) to do more.

So I wanted to thank you, not only from our team (in the UK and HRIF in Holland) for this amazing gesture; but from each and every man, woman and child recipient to who your quilts brings not only warmth; but also HOPE.

I hope that more companies will come on board to help us with more goods, taking your example.

With warmest regards


There are several ways in which we can help to ensure that these children and their parents don’t die this winter.

  • We need warm clothing for them - boots, shoes & socks and bedding.
  • We urgently need funds to get the goods to them.

Please contact us immediately to let us know YOU and YOUR community or company can help us. Please don’t ignore this appeal for help.  THANK YOU.

Contact: Rosalind Bluestone – Founder & Director of GOODS FOR GOOD

Email:[email protected]
Phone:   07866 429087
METRO BANK: GOODS FOR GOOD  Sort code: 23-05-80 Account no: 15106058