Gjorce Petrov – high school

An interactive discussion on the topic “The Challenge of Business” was organized today, by the initiative of the Ministry for Education and Science, in collaboration with City High-School “Gjorche Petrov” from Prilep, noting the participation of managing director of “Comfy Angel” Irena Jakimovska and the students of the school, led by the principal of the school Dejan Dimoski and the teachers therein.

Message from Irena Jakimovska

I enjoyed our discussions, through which we came to a common conclusion, that our future is here in Republic of Macedonia, just because you can laugh and argue in your own maternal language.
That’s the sole reason why “Comfy Angel” will continue to upgrade as an institution, so we can become a bright future for these young people and help them find their proper place in the bus called “Comfy Angel”.