Day care centre for children with special needs

We had a successful realization of the third event from the series of events organized for the jubilee – 10 years Comfy Angel.

The managing team and the employees of the company together with His Excellency the Ambassador of UK Mr. Charles Edmund Garret and his family, together with the employees of the embassy, spent the whole day on cleaning and fixing the yard and the living room in the  Day Care Center for children with disabilities “Dzunica” in Prilep.

In this action, special attention was paid to renovating the park by planting young trees, cleaning the park around the Center, refurbishing the fence, benches and all metal parts of the yard, while the employees of “Comfy Angel” were in charge of all the interior and exterior repairs, which were necessary to the residents of the Day Care Center, but the most important activity was the socializing of all the activists with the children who reside in the Day Care Center and their everlasting joy.

This humanitarian action is another indicator of the social responsibility of our company and should be an example of other legal subjects and individuals to organize such actions and help where necessary.

This humanitarian act, third in the series of events for the jubilee “10 Years Comfy Angel” is not the last. “Comfy Angel” continues on 27th September with new humanitarian act for which you will be timely informed.