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Markovska&Andrevski has been one of the leading successful lawyer’s offices in Macedonia for more than 18 years. Closely specialising in providing diverse legal support services to international and home investors in the areas of energy, metallurgy, car industry, construction, insurance, finance, banking, intellectual property, public procurement, concessions, hunting grounds, public and private partnership, alternative energy resources, solar wind parks, safety and health at work, logistics, distribution, service production, the firm directs its growth towards gaining access to new markets outside Macedonia through standardisation and improvement of quality of services we offer to our clients.

Within its activities as a growing and reputable independent lawyer’s office, the office has established wide range international contacts and permanent connections with renowned and successful international lawyer’s offices in EU Member States and the United States. As response to our clients’ interests and needs, since recently we have covered the Chinese and Middle East markets.

The office is staffed with a young and experienced team of lawyers, professional associates and counsels, or in total 15 people in our offices in Skopje and Niš, which ranks us among large lawyer’s offices in Macedonia and perhaps the only one active in foreign legal systems. Flexibility, dynamism, commitment, and discretion are the main features of our team, and team work and endurance in seeking best solutions for our clients is our basic principle.

The organisational structure of M&A operates according to our clients’ needs and requirements, and depending on their requirements, they can use a wide range of services available to them in the following sectors: business law and corporate management; company merger and acquisition; legal due diligence; representation; litigation in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings in any judiciary instance in Macedonia; administrative procedures (the Government, Ministries, administration) and constitutional motions; corporate and labour legislation; tax, customs, excise procedures and counselling; FIDIC contracts and adjudication; franchise, licenses and other international contracts; industry property, competition law; energy; solar systems, alternative energy resources and trade in electric power; complex international transactions and contract securing; mediation; arbitrage; public and private partnerships, mediators and anti-mobbing advisors for protection of employees’ rights; sector for development and improvement of quality service provided by the Markovska and Andrevski Lawyer’s Office.